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Friends From Equestria Amino And Me :iconprincessmikkaito:PrincessMikkaito 0 1 What Is This Magic :iconprincessmikkaito:PrincessMikkaito 1 0 I Claim This In The Name Of Venturian :iconprincessmikkaito:PrincessMikkaito 6 0 PICK UP THE PHONE comic :iconprincessmikkaito:PrincessMikkaito 1 1 My Tounge Is Blue Yay :iconprincessmikkaito:PrincessMikkaito 0 0 Deviant birthday 16th :iconprincessmikkaito:PrincessMikkaito 2 0 Me and Cocoa ppg :iconprincessmikkaito:PrincessMikkaito 2 5 Ppg Base By Me :iconprincessmikkaito:PrincessMikkaito 2 2 Me ppg :iconprincessmikkaito:PrincessMikkaito 3 4 Backround me MLP :iconprincessmikkaito:PrincessMikkaito 0 2 Mayor Bubbles :iconprincessmikkaito:PrincessMikkaito 3 0 Evil Me And My Friends And Me And My Friends (mirr :iconprincessmikkaito:PrincessMikkaito 0 0 Evil Little Kelly and Carly PPG :iconprincessmikkaito:PrincessMikkaito 2 0 Ppg Group Of Cool Characters :iconprincessmikkaito:PrincessMikkaito 0 2 Cup of dirt prt1 :iconprincessmikkaito:PrincessMikkaito 0 1 TURF WAR!!! :iconprincessmikkaito:PrincessMikkaito 0 0


Dont touch it :iconmomogirl:Momogirl 47 31 Moshi doodles :iconlavenderphysalis:LavenderPhysalis 25 25 more moshis :iconbillythequeen:BillyTheQueen 66 15 One Strange Tree :iconpsychoteensie:PsychoTeensie 49 45
King DeDeDe's Foot And Revenge
Escargoon was polishing king Dedede's feet.The ducky king loved when his feet and his crown were shiny.....Dedede knew that Escargoon would not take lightly to what he was about to plan...."Escargoon!!!Where are you?!"Yelled the ducky king."Coming sir!"Answered the snail.Dedede had just bought a ray gun,that put who ever he blasted with under his control.So he called Escargoon over to see if it worked.*Points ray gun*"Sir what are you doing?"Asked Escargoon before he was blasted with the ray gun....."Escargoon!!Gimme a foot rub!"Commanded Dedede."Yes king."Said Escargoon as he started to rub the king's feet.He even went as far as to build statues of the king's feet!!Escargoon was a mindless foot slave.He would cater to Dedede's feet night;day.Escargoon would make a soothing bucket of hot water;he placed the kings feet in the water.This cycle continued for a mounth untill one day........"Escargoon bring me my control ray!!I want more people to worship my feet!!"Yelled king Dedede."Yes m
:iconsparky234:sparky234 3 26
KLOBBAH DAT DERE KURBEH :icontopperhay:TopperHay 115 14 Nighttime Snack: Busted :iconkojinkaluigigodzilla:KojinkaLuigiGodzilla 26 4
Pairing: Dedede/Escargon (Dedesuka)
Rating: safe for work
Summary: Escargon tries on his new maid outfit for the first time and gets an unexpected visit.
Notes: It’s been spellchecked and grammar checked but as English is not my native language, there might still be mistakes that I might’ve missed, just fyi.
He gently pulled a bit on the fabric to adjust the maid dress. Another glance in the mirror. Looked better now. He smiled to himself and nodded approvingly, the adjustment had done the trick.
Still, he kept fidgeting in front of the mirror, making sure he got a look of himself from all possible angles. He wanted to make sure it was impeccable. After a few more moments of scrutinized mirror-looking, he seemed to settle down and turn to admire himself instead. The dress was beautiful. Some might think it a bit tacky, but for him it was perfect. It was adorable and wearing it made him feel … dare he think it? Pretty. Further
:iconzuperzora89:ZuperZora89 17 6
50 Foot Tikal vs Nack the Snack :iconjackurai:Jackurai 330 114
Fang's sick day

Bean and Bark were at the living room watching TV, waiting for their leader, Fang to wake up.
They suddenly heard a unexpected noise come from the boss's bedroom.
Bean and Bark were startled by the sound and took a peek in where the noise came from.
Fang just woken up and didn't look very well. He looked pale, sniffling his nose and groaning.
Bean: Boss! What's wrong? You don't look so good!
Fang: Ugh...Just catched a cold...Nothing special...
He tried to get up but Bean pushed him back on.
Bean: Nuh uh uh! Your staying in bed mister until you get better!
Fang: Dang it, Bean! I'll be fine! A-A-ACHOO!!!
Bean: Suuurreee...Bark! Make sure he doesn't get up! I will make some chicken noodle soup! My mum told me it's best for colds!
Bark: *Nods*
Fang: Do you even know how to cook!?
Bean: It's worth to try! I can't let my boss suffer!
Fang: Oh no...I'm gonna die...
Later Bean comes in with a bowl of the sou
:iconloveshadowsonic:LoveShadowSonic 9 9
Giant Fang Attack Story

Team Hooligan were already on their way to a secret ruins that contained a special gem that may sell 
for millions. Fang being the leader always walked at the front with his hat and belt,
Bean the crazy bombing maniac and Bark the always mute and power type.
After passing all the traps and mazes they finally see the shining gem.
Fang: Aha! There it is boys! The ancient treasure!
Bark: Woow...
Fang carefully takes the gem and chuckles.
Fang: Heh! That was easy! Let's go boys!
Suddenly the gem glows and goes inside Fang's body.
Fang: What the-!? It went inside me!? UGH!! I feel funny...
Bean: Boss...?
Bark: ???
Fang started to grow in size. He was growing some muscles too. His fangs grew sharper. Strangely his hat, belt and everything else that he wore was growing with him. He hit his head on the ceiling and grew out of it.
Bean: WOW!!!
Bark: !!!
Fang: Ugh...What
:iconloveshadowsonic:LoveShadowSonic 8 1
Giant Fang having a stroll :iconloveshadowsonic:LoveShadowSonic 9 3 DDD x ecargoon spicy :icona-zeldafan95:A-zeldafan95 3 5 DededexEscargon by quesoclove :iconkirbyslash:kirbyslash 69 22 DDDEsc :icongerako:gerako 105 25



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I love art, ponies, powerpuff girls and xbox360 and on it I have tons of friends


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